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Disturbed Endocrine Function in the Psychoses: II: Discriminant Function Analysis of Multihormone Data

  • L. J. Whalley (a1), J. E. Christie (a2), D. H. R. Blackwood (a1), J. Bennie (a2), H. Dick (a2), I. M. Blackburn (a3) and G. Fink (a4)...


Discriminant function analyses were performed on plasma concentrations of prolactin, growth hormone, Cortisol, TSH, and the neurophysins measured over 17 hours in 70 newly admitted drug-free psychiatric patients and 35 control subjects. The hormone data distinguished between patients with different classes of drug-free psychosis (26 schizophrenic, 12 with manic disorder, 10 with major depressive disorder, psychotic subtype, 9 with schizoaffective mania (SAM)). Higher plasma Cortisol and lower TSH concentrations separated eight of nine SAM patients from all others.


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Disturbed Endocrine Function in the Psychoses: II: Discriminant Function Analysis of Multihormone Data

  • L. J. Whalley (a1), J. E. Christie (a2), D. H. R. Blackwood (a1), J. Bennie (a2), H. Dick (a2), I. M. Blackburn (a3) and G. Fink (a4)...


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Disturbed Endocrine Function in the Psychoses: II: Discriminant Function Analysis of Multihormone Data

  • L. J. Whalley (a1), J. E. Christie (a2), D. H. R. Blackwood (a1), J. Bennie (a2), H. Dick (a2), I. M. Blackburn (a3) and G. Fink (a4)...
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