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The Concept of Schizophrenia Kraepelin–Bleuler–Schneider

  • J. Hoenig (a1)


The concept of schizophrenia has changed since it was first introduced by Kraepelin. To overlook or misunderstand this evolution will lead to confusion with adverse effects on the clinic and on research. Kraepelin's exclusively somatic approach to the study of the illness gave rise to a variety of attempts to provide a wider theoretical framework which will accommodate a subjective psychological approach. The first of these attempts was that by Bleuler and Jung, but it brought with it new difficulties. Jaspers' methodology was applied to the study of schizophrenia by Schneider, and it creates the theoretical space which will accommodate both the objective and subjective study of the illness and its victim as a person. An attempt is made here to outline a brief history of these ideas.



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The Concept of Schizophrenia Kraepelin–Bleuler–Schneider

  • J. Hoenig (a1)


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The Concept of Schizophrenia Kraepelin–Bleuler–Schneider

  • J. Hoenig (a1)
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