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Caudate volume in offspring of patients with schizophrenia

  • Rajaprabhakaran Rajarethinam (a1), Ameet Upadhyaya (a1), Pon Tsou (a1), Margie Upadhyaya (a1) and Matcheri S. Keshavan (a2)...


Caudate nuclei are smaller in drug-naive people with schizophrenia but larger in antipsychotic-treated patients. In this magnetic resonance imaging study we found volume reduction of right and left caudate by 8.9 and 8.1% respectively in 50 offspring without psychosis of patients with schizophrenia compared with 53 age- and gender-matched controls, providing new evidence that caudate volume reduction may be a trait-related abnormality in schizophrenia.


Corresponding author

Dr M. S. Keshavan, Department of Psychiatry Wayne State University School of Medicine, 4201 St Antoine Street UHC-9B, Detroit, Michigan 48201, USA. Email:


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Caudate volume in offspring of patients with schizophrenia

  • Rajaprabhakaran Rajarethinam (a1), Ameet Upadhyaya (a1), Pon Tsou (a1), Margie Upadhyaya (a1) and Matcheri S. Keshavan (a2)...
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