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Cardiometabolic dysregulation and cognitive decline: potential role of depressive symptoms

  • Norbert Schmitz (a1), Sonya S. Deschênes (a2), Rachel J. Burns (a2), Sofia M. Danna (a3), Oscar H. Franco (a4), M. Arfan Ikram (a4), Mika Kivimäki (a5), Archana Singh-Manoux (a6) and Henning Tiemeier (a7)...



Previous studies have examined associations of cardiometabolic factors with depression and cognition separately.


To determine if depressive symptoms mediate the association between cardiometabolic factors and cognitive decline in two community studies.


Data for the analyses were drawn from the Rotterdam Study, the Netherlands (n = 2940) and the Whitehall II study, UK (n = 4469).


Mediation analyses suggested a direct association between cardiometabolic factors and cognitive decline and an indirect association through depression: poorer cardiometabolic status at time 1 was associated with a higher level of depressive symptoms at time 2 (standardised regression coefficient 0.07 and 0.06, respectively), which, in turn, was associated with greater cognitive decline between time 2 and time 3 (standardised regression coefficient of −0.15 and −0.41, respectively).


Evidence from two independent cohort studies suggest an association between cardiometabolic dysregulation and cognitive decline and that depressive symptoms tend to precede this decline.

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Correspondence: Norbert Schmitz, Douglas Mental Health University Institute, McGill University, 6875 LaSalle Boulevard, Montreal, Quebec, H4H 1R3, Canada. Email:


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Cardiometabolic dysregulation and cognitive decline: potential role of depressive symptoms

  • Norbert Schmitz (a1), Sonya S. Deschênes (a2), Rachel J. Burns (a2), Sofia M. Danna (a3), Oscar H. Franco (a4), M. Arfan Ikram (a4), Mika Kivimäki (a5), Archana Singh-Manoux (a6) and Henning Tiemeier (a7)...
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