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Brain White-Matter Lesions and Psychosis

  • Bruce L. Miller (a1), Ira M. Lesser (a2), Kyle Boone (a2), Mark Goldberg (a1), Elizabeth Hill (a2), Milton H. Miller (a2), D. Frank Benson (a3) and Mark Mehringer (a3)...


In a prospective study of late-life onset psychosis, five of the first 27 patients studied had extensive white-matter lesions demonstrated by MRI and/or CT. None of 60 age-matched psychiatrically healthy controls demonstrated such lesions. All five patients had a mild dementia and a frontal behavioural syndrome. In addition, every patient performed poorly on neuropsychological tests of frontal function. Dysfunction of the frontal cortex associated with white-matter lesions appears to contribute to the clinical picture of some cases of late-life psychosis.


Corresponding author

Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, 1000 W. Carson, Torrance, CA 90509, USA.


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Brain White-Matter Lesions and Psychosis

  • Bruce L. Miller (a1), Ira M. Lesser (a2), Kyle Boone (a2), Mark Goldberg (a1), Elizabeth Hill (a2), Milton H. Miller (a2), D. Frank Benson (a3) and Mark Mehringer (a3)...


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Brain White-Matter Lesions and Psychosis

  • Bruce L. Miller (a1), Ira M. Lesser (a2), Kyle Boone (a2), Mark Goldberg (a1), Elizabeth Hill (a2), Milton H. Miller (a2), D. Frank Benson (a3) and Mark Mehringer (a3)...
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