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  • Editors: Ellen Frankel Paul Bowling Green State University, USA , Fred D. Miller, Jr. Bowling Green State University, USA , Jeffrey Paul Bowling Green State University, USA , David Schmidtz Director|The Center for the Philosophy of Freedom|The University of Arizona|P.O. Box 210027|Tucson, AZ 85721-0027|USA , Carmen Pavel Arizona Center for Philosophy of Freedom, University of Arizona, USA and Bas van der Vossen Chapman University, USA
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Social Philosophy and Policy is an interdisciplinary journal with an emphasis on the philosophical underpinnings of enduring social policy debates. The issues are thematic in format, examining a specific area of concern with contributions from scholars in different disciplines, especially philosophy, economics, political science and law. While not primarily a journal of policy prescriptions, some articles in each issue will typically connect theory with practice.

Philosophy blog

  • Why Revisit the Early Modern Canon?
  • 16 August 2018, Lisa Shapiro
  • The thing about canons is that they seem sacred. Challenging them, even revisiting them, can seem heretical. Facing these facts is the first step in addressing...