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The 3D Structure of the Galactic Bulge

  • Manuela Zoccali (a1) (a2) and Elena Valenti (a3)


We review the observational evidences concerning the three-dimensional structure of the Galactic bulge. Although the inner few kpc of our Galaxy are normally referred to as the bulge, all the observations demonstrate that this region is dominated by a bar, i.e., the bulge is a bar. The bar has a boxy/peanut (X-shaped) structure in its outer regions, while it seems to become less and less elongated in its innermost region. A thinner and longer structure departing from the main bar has also been found, although the observational evidences that support the scenario of two separate structures has been recently challenged. Metal-poor stars ([Fe/H] ≲ −0.5 dex) trace a different structure, and also have different kinematics.

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      The 3D Structure of the Galactic Bulge
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      The 3D Structure of the Galactic Bulge
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      The 3D Structure of the Galactic Bulge
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The 3D Structure of the Galactic Bulge

  • Manuela Zoccali (a1) (a2) and Elena Valenti (a3)


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