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Deputy Editors

PHN Board Photo_Baye

Dr Kaleab Baye
Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia
Keywords: micronutrient status, mineral bioavailability, complementary feeding, dietary intake assessment

PHN Board Photo_Calvo

Professor Mona S. Calvo
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York City, USA
Keywords: vitamin D, dietary phosphorus intake, dietary calcium, nutrient requirements for bone health, chronic kidney disease, mushrooms as functional foods, food fortifications

PHN Board Photo_Capra

Professor Sandra Capra
University of Queensland, Australia
Keywords: dietary guidelines, nutrition reference Values, dietary methodology, nutrition interventions, nutrition programs, competancy development, competancy assessment, cirriculum design

PHN Board Photo_Faber

Professor Mieke Faber
South African Medical Research Council, South Africa
Keywords: food based interventions to address micronutrient malnutrition, dietary intake assessment, food security, infant and young child feeding

PHN Board Photo_Johnson

Dr William Johnson
Loughborough University, UK
Keywords: child growth, development, puberty, stunting, obesity, body composition, multilevel growth curve model, growth mixture model, growth charts, birth cohort studies, longitudinal data, life course epidemiology, secular trends, cross-cohort research, socioeconomic inequality, cardiometabolic health

PHN Board Photo_Leung

Dr Cindy Leung
University of California, USA
Keywords: food insecurity, federal food assistance programs, child obesity, diet quality, nutrition policy

PHN Board Photo_Vandevijvere

Dr Stefanie Vandevijvere
University of Auckland, New Zealand
Keywords: childhood obesity, food environment, built environment, dietary surveys

PHN Board Photo_Vogel

Dr Christina Vogel
University of Southampton, UK
Keywords: food environment and food systems research, nutritional epidemiology, behaviour change intervention research, maternal/child nutrition, dietary and social inequalities, food and nutrition policy

Review Editor

PHN Board Photo_Salehi-Abargouei

Dr Amin Salehi-Abargouei
Sahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences, Iran
Keywords: nutritional epidemiology, systematic-reviews, meta-analyses

Statistical Editors

PHN Board Photo_Barber Vallés

Professor Xavier Barber Vallés
Miguel Hernández University, Spain
Keywords: Bayesian statistics, spatio-temporal models, machine learning & deep learning, longitudinal models

PHN Board Photo_Navarrete Munoz

Dr Eva María Navarrete Muñoz
Miguel Hernández University, Spain

Associate Editors

PHN Board Photo_Amegah

Dr Adeladza Kofi Amegah
University of Cape Coast, Ghana
Keywords: nutritional epidemiology, vitamin D, pregnancy outcomes, cardiovascular outcomes

PHN Board Photo_Appannah

Asst. Professor Dr Geeta Appannah
Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia
Keywords: dietary patterns, dietary tracking over the lifecourse, determinants of dietary intake, dietary cost, diet quality, weight loss/change intervention, childhood obesity

PHN Board Photo_Araujo

Dr Marina Araujo
Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, Brazil
Keywords: methods of food consumption assessment, food and nutrient intake, nutrient inadequacy intake according to sociodemographic variables

PHN Board Photo_Benetou

Professor Vassiliki Benetou
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece
Keywords: nutritional epidemiology, chronic disease epidemiology, cancer, cardiovascular disease, osteoporotic fractures, infant nutrition, breastfeeding, dietary patterns, Mediterranean diet, childhood obesity, food-based dietary guidelines, healthy ageing

PHN Board Photo_Bezerra

Dr Flávia Bezerra
Rio de Janeiro State University, Brazil
Keywords: adiposity, body composition, breastfeeding, calcium, micronutrients, osteoporosis, pregnancy, vitamin D

PHN Board Photo_Blake

Dr Miranda Blake
Deakin University, Australia
Keywords: sugar-sweetened beverages, retail, food policy, implementation science, process evaluations

PHN Board Photo_Blaney

Dr Sonia Blaney
Université de Moncton, Canada
Keywords: infant, young child and woman nutrition, determinants of undernutrition, nutrition program planning, double burden, international nutrition, public nutrition, adolescent nutrition, food systems

PHN Board Photo_Boelsen-Robinson

Dr Tara Boelsen-Robinson
Deakin University, Australia
Keywords: food, retail, nutrition, policy, marketing, sugar sweetened beverage tax, delphi survey, qualitative, mixed-methods, focus groups, interrupted time series analysis, retail interventions, evaluation, implementation

PHN Board Photo_Browne

Dr Jennifer Browne
Deakin University, Australia
Keywords: food policy, policy analysis, Indigenous health, qualitative research, systematic reviews

PHN Board Photo_Buccini

Dr Gabriela Buccini
University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA
Keywords: breastfeeding, infant feeding, food security/insecurity, implementation, program design and evaluation, systematic review and meta-analysis, public health, health disparities, surveys, low and middle-income countries (Latin America)

PHN Board Photo_Conklin

Dr Annalijn Conklin
The University of British Columbia, Canada
Keywords: diet quality, obesity, social context, economic factors, gender-based analysis, nutritional epidemiology, multilevel modelling

PHN Board Photo_Delisle

Professor Hélène Delisle
University of Montreal, Canada
Keywords: public health nutrition, international nutrition, food systems, nutrition transition, malnutrition, double burden of malnutrition, nutrition of immigrants, aboriginal groups, NCDs (metabolic syndrome; diabetes; CVD), obesity assessment and prevention, program evaluation

PHN Board Photo_De Villiers

Dr Anniza De Villiers
South African Medical Research Council, South Africa
Keywords: qualitative studies, theory based behavior change interventions, childhood obesity, school health and nutrition environment, community based interventions, hypertension

PHN Board Photo_Dhansay

Professor Muhammad Ali Dhansay
South African Medical Research Council, South Africa
Keywords: paediatric and child health and nutrition, maternal nutrition, micronutrients, public health nutrition, global health, human rights and ethics, nutritional epidemiology, anthropometric assessment, growth monitoring, conflicts of Interest and engagement with commercial role players, health and nutritional policy engagement, implementation and analysis

PHN Board Photo_Downs

Dr Shauna Downs
Rutgers School of Public Health, USA
Keywords: food environments, sustainable diets, food policy, food systems

PHN Board Photo_Dunford

Dr Elizabeth Dunford
The George Institute for Global Health, Australia
Keywords: food labelling, food databases (or nutrient databases), sodium, food supply, nutrition labels

PHN Board Photo_Evans

Dr Charlotte Evans
University of Leeds, UK
Keywords: diet quality (in children and adolescents), evaluation of nutrition policies and programmes, RCTs and quasi-experimental trials analysing diet behaviour change, systematic reviews and meta-analysis of diet behavioural change

PHN Board Photo_Fox

Dr Elizabeth Fox
Cornell University, USA
Keywords: qualitative methods, ethnographic methods, maternal-child nutrition, adolescent nutrition, food systems, food environments, nutrition behaviors, ethics

PHN Board Photo_George

Dr Cindy George
South African Medical Research Council, South Africa
Keywords: epidemiology, non-communicable disease, chronic kidney disease, hypertension, diabetes

PHN Board Photo_Gewa

Dr Constance Gewa
George Mason University, USA
Keywords: maternal dietary practices, child dietary practices, behavior change, dietary assessment methods

PHN Board Photo_D_Hoffman

Dr Daniel Hoffman
Rutgers University, USA
Keywords: energy metabolism, body composition, growth, international nutrition, stunting

PHN Board Photo_R_Hoffman

Dr Richard Hoffman
University of Hertfordshire, UK
Keywords: Mediterranean diet, ready meals/convenience foods/processed foods, phytochemicals, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant nutrients in public health, food preparation and agricultural practices, dietary patterns, sustainable diets, cancer

PHN Board Photo_Jordan

Dr Irmgard Jordan
University of Giessen, Germany
Keywords: epidemological studies, dietary diversity and dietary patterns (children, adults, households), agriculture and nutrition linkages, nutrition education, food systems analysis

PHN Board Photo_Kanter

Dr Rebecca Kanter
University of Chile, Chile
Keywords: food environment, agriculture, Latin/Central America, nutritional epidemiology, nutrition transition

PHN Board Photo_Karupaiah

Professor Tilakavati Karupaiah
Taylor's University, Malaysia
Keywords: human nutrition, food environment, noncommunicable diseases, renal nutrition, cardiometabolic nutrition

PHN Board Photo_Kent

Dr George Kent
University of Hawaii, USA
Keywords: food policy, food politics, right to food, infant and young child feeding

PHN Board Photo_Kiefte-de Jong

Professor Jessica Kiefte-de Jong
Leiden University Medical Center, The Netherlands
Keywords: nutritional epidemiology, dietary patterns, gastroenterology, food insecurity, lifecourse

PHN Board Photo_Livingstone

Dr Katherine Livingstone
Deakin University, Australia
Keywords: nutritional epidemiology, diet quality, dietary patterns, obesity, cardiometabolic health, personalised nutrition

PHN Board Photo_MacIntyre

Professor Una MacIntyre
University of Pretoria, South Africa
Keywords: dietary assessment, portion size estimation aids, dietary intakes, nutritional assessment, infant and child nutrition

PHN Board Photo_Mackenbach

Dr Joreintje Mackenbach
Amsterdam UMC, The Netherlands
Keywords: epidemiology, prevention, obesity, socioeconomic status, multilevel models, food environment, geospatial analysis

PHN Board Photo_Mah

Dr Catherine Mah
Dalhousie University, Canada
Keywords: food environments, food and nutrition policy, government, household food insecurity, population health interventions, pragmatic trials, consumer behaviour, food systems, rural and remote communities, urban and regional planning

PHN Board Photo_Maruyama

Dr Koutatsu Maruyama
Ehime University, Japan
Keywords: nutritional epidemiology, cardiovascular diseases and their risk factors, dietary assessment, eating behaviours

PHN Board Photo_Marx

Dr Wolfgang Marx
Deakin University, Australia
Keywords: nutritional psychiatry, dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, mental health, systematic reviews, umbrella reviews cognition, multiple sclerosis, meta-analysis, polyphenols, probiotics

PHN Board Photo_Matias de Pinho

Dr Maria Gabriela Matias de Pinho
Amsterdam UMC, The Netherlands
Keywords: epidemiology, nutrition, dietary patterns, obesity, cardio-metabolic disease prevention, food environment, GIS, exposome

PHN Board Photo_Minaker

Dr Leia Minaker
University of Waterloo, Canada
Keywords: retail food environment, consumer nutrition environment, municipal food policy, retail food environment interventions, population health intervention research, urban planning and food access

PHN Board Photo_Nicolaou

Dr Mary Nicolaou
AMC, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Keywords: ethnic minorities, migrant-origin populations, acculturation, nutrition transition, socio-economic differences in diet, socio-cultural determinants of diet and obesity, dietary patterns, dietary assessment, obesity, body size perception

PHN Board Photo_Norris

Dr Tom Norris
University of Leicester, UK
Keywords: epidemiology, growth, obesity, pregnancy, longitudinal, biostatistics, cohorts

PHN Board Photo_Ochoa-Avilés

Dr Angélica Ochoa-Avilés
Universidad de Cuenca, Ecuador
Keywords: dietary intake, physical activity, sedentary behavior, dietary assessment, children, adolescents, health prommotion

PHN Board Photo_Omidvar

Dr Nasrin Omidvar
Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Iran
Keywords: food security measurement, food and nutrition literacy, child and adolescent nutrition, program/intervention design and evaluation

PHN Board Photo_Overby

Professor Nina Øverby
University of Agder, Norway
Keywords: maternal and child nutrition, public health nutrition, healthy and sustainable diet, dietary assessment methods, dietary surveillance, diet within the field of developmental origins of health and disease

PHN Board Photo_Perez-Cornago

Dr Aurora Perez-Cornago
University of Oxford, UK
Keywords: adiposity, body composition, nutritional Epidemiology, dietary intake, dietary assessment, dietary patterns, cancer, cardiovascular disease, obesity

PHN Board Photo_Piernas

Dr Carmen Piernas
University of Oxford, UK
Keywords: nutritional epidemiology, dietary patterns, dietary intake, dietary interventions, body composition, cardiovascular disease, obesity, food/nutrition policy

PHN Board Photo_Piernas

Dr Rebecca Pradeilles
Loughborough University, UK
Keywords: infant and maternal nutrition, diet, malnutrition in all its forms, public health, nutritional epidemiology, food environment, low- and middle-income countries

PHN Board Photo_Ramokolo

Dr Vundli Ramokolo
South African Medical Research Council, South Africa
Keywords: child growth, HIV, infant feeding, food access, epidemiology

PHN Board Photo_Ribeiro de Castro

Dr Inês Rugani Ribeiro de Castro
State University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Keywords: design, evaluation and analysis of food and nutrition interventions, programs and policies, epidemiology, food environment, development, validation and application of instruments and indicators, child nutrition, complementary feeding, conflict of interest

PHN Board Photo_Tasevska

Dr Natasha Tasevska
Arizona State University, USA
Keywords: dietary assessment, dietary biomarkers, dietary validation, nutritional epidemiology, diet and disease, diet and cancer, carbohydrates/sugars

PHN Board Photo_Traissac

Dr Pierre Traissac
IRD (French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development), MoISA Unit, France
Keywords: epidemiology, nutritional epidemiology, biostatistics, LMICs, nutritional status/adiposity measurement, non communicable diseases, risk factors, socio-economic factors, gender, evaluation of nutrition interventions

PHN Board Photo_Vanderlee

Dr Lana Vanderlee
Laval University, Canada
Keywords: food environment, food policy, food labelling, food industry, population-health interventions

PHN Board Photo_Van_Lippevelde

Dr Wendy Van Lippevelde
University of Gent, Belgium
Keywords: obesity prevention, health promotion, inequalities in health/nutrition, food environments, food systems, family- and school-based healthy eating interventions

PHN Board Photo_Vio

Professor Fernando Vio
University of Chile, Chile
Keywords: child and adolescent obesity, nutritional status, nutrition surveys, Delphi method, healthy eating, nutrition education, community health promotion, dietary behavior, focus groups, food gardens, school health, public health policy

PHN Board Photo_Zhang

Dr Cai-Xia Zhang
Sun Yat-sen University, China
Keywords: nutritional epidemiology, non-communicable disease epidemiology, cancer epidemiology