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Rietveld texture analysis from TOF neutron diffraction data

  • H.-R. Wenk (a1), L. Lutterotti (a2) and S. C. Vogel (a3)


One of the advantages of a multidetector neutron time-of-flight diffractometer such as the high pressure preferred orientation diffractometer (HIPPO) at the Los Alamos Neutron Science Center is the capability to measure efficiently preferred orientation of bulk materials. A routine experimental method for measurements, both at ambient conditions, as well as high or low temperatures, has been established. However, only recently has the complex data analysis been streamlined to make it straightforward for a noninitiated user. Here, we describe the Rietveld texture analysis of HIPPO data with the computer code Materials Analysis Using Diffraction (MAUD) as a step-by-step procedure and illustrate it with a metamorphic quartz rock. Postprocessing of the results is described and neutron diffraction results are compared with electron backscatter diffraction measurements on the same sample.


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Rietveld texture analysis from TOF neutron diffraction data

  • H.-R. Wenk (a1), L. Lutterotti (a2) and S. C. Vogel (a3)


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