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Long term stability of a modern powder diffractometer

  • Markus Wunschel (a1), Robert E. Dinnebier (a1) and Sander van Smaalen (a1)


The characteristics of the (101) peak of α-quartz and the (104) peak of the NIST SRM 1976 alumina flat plate standard have been measured in dependence of time for 60 h with Cu-Kα1 radiation in Bragg-Brentano geometry with a Philips X’Pert diffractometer equipped with a primary Ge(111) monochromator. It was found that the reproducibility of the peak position and the peak shape falls well in the ±3σ range, whereas the peak intensity strongly depends on the power history of the X-ray generator and the temperature of the diffraction system. The effects on Rietveld refinements are discussed and recommendations are given for optimized data collection.



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Long term stability of a modern powder diffractometer

  • Markus Wunschel (a1), Robert E. Dinnebier (a1) and Sander van Smaalen (a1)


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