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The use of simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers to identify and map alien segments carrying genes for effective resistance to leaf rust in bread wheat

  • Nayyer Iqbal (a1), Firdissa Eticha (a1), Elena K. Khlestkina (a1), Annette Weidner (a1), Marion S. Röder (a1) and Andreas Börner (a1)...


Aegilops markgrafii is a useful source of genes encoding both resistance to biotic stress and high seed lysine content. Bread wheat/Ae. markgrafii introgression lines expressing leaf rust resistance were developed from a cross between a leaf rust-resistant Ae.markgrafii accession and the susceptible bread wheat cultivar ‘Alcedo’. The content of introgressed segments present in five sister introgression lines was assessed with the help of chromosome-specific simple sequence repeats (SSRs). One of the lines was used as a parent of a 140 individual F2 mapping population, by crossing with the leaf rust-susceptible bread wheat cv. ‘Borenos’. The population was tested for susceptibility or resistance to leaf rust, and linkage analysis indicated the presence of a quantitative trait locus (QLr.ipk-2A) originating from the Ae. markgrafii parent, mapping to the distal segment of chromosome arm 2AS.


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The use of simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers to identify and map alien segments carrying genes for effective resistance to leaf rust in bread wheat

  • Nayyer Iqbal (a1), Firdissa Eticha (a1), Elena K. Khlestkina (a1), Annette Weidner (a1), Marion S. Röder (a1) and Andreas Börner (a1)...


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