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Sequencing of wild crop relatives to support the conservation and utilization of plant genetic resources

  • Robert J. Henry (a1)


The re-sequencing of the genomes of wild crop relatives is a rapid method to determine the likely utility of the germplasm in crop improvement. The conservation of genetic resources both in situ and ex situ can be guided by information on the novelty of specific populations at the whole-genome and specific allele levels. The analysis of Australian wild relatives of rice, coffee, Macadamia and Eucalypts is being used to support crop improvement and enhance food and energy security. Rice populations that are novel sources of diversity in the A genome of rice have been characterized at the whole-genome level. This has demonstrated the novelty of these species and will support taxonomic revisions of the Oryza species. Variation in the genomes of plants from diverse environments defines strategies that might be employed to develop climate-resilient crop varieties. Eucalypt sequencing aims to support the selection of species and genotypes for use as new energy crops.


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