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J. J. C. Smart, Materialism and Occam's Razor

  • Peter Glassen (a1)


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1 University of Queensland Press, St Lucia, Queensland, 1967, pp. 84–93.

2 Presumably if one were a materialist one might embrace a heart process thesis, or a liver process thesis, or something else of the sort. All these would be equally consistent with materialism. However, the only one of these theses that nowadays would be credited with having any degree of plausibility is the brain process thesis, and I shall disregard other possibilities. It should be noted that one could in principle accept the brain process thesis without being a thorough going materialist.

3 Ironically, Occam himself might have felt uncomfortable with this conclusion.

J. J. C. Smart, Materialism and Occam's Razor

  • Peter Glassen (a1)


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