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The trematode parasites from a red-bellied watersnake, Farancia abacura

  • Elon E. Byrd (a1)


A number of trematode parasites were taken from the digestive tract of a red-bellied watersnake, Farancia abacura (Holbrook), on 27 March 1933. This snake had been captured on the previous day from a canal at Harvey, Louisiana. The parasites were studied while still alive and were tentatively identified before being fixed with formalin while under the pressure of a cover-slip. Representatives of three genera were encountered. Two of the species, representing two separate genera, are considered by us to be new to science and are herein described under the proposed names of Cercorchis auridistomi n.sp. and Stomatrema guberleti n.sp. The third species was recognized as Vitellotrema fusipora Guberlet, 1928.



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