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Rosuvastatin reduced brain parasite burden in a chronic toxoplasmosis in vivo model and influenced the neuropathological pattern of ME-49 strain

  • L. Nishi (a1), P. L. Santana (a2), F. F. Evangelista (a1), L. F. Beletini (a1), A. H. Souza (a3), F. M. Mantelo (a3), A. M. Souza-Kaneshima (a2), I. N. Costa (a4) and A. L. Falavigna-Guilherme (a5)...


This study evaluated the effects of rosuvastatin in vivo on toxoplasmosis chronic infection. Thirty-five Swiss mice were orally infected (ME-49 strain). After 50 days, the mice were separated into five groups: GI – non-infected, GII – infected, GIII – infected and treated with pyrimethamine and sulfadiazine (12.5 + 50 mg kg−1 body weight day−1), GIV and GV – infected and treated with rosuvastatin 10 and 40 mg kg−1 body weight day−1, respectively. After 21 days, we collected blood, liver, lungs, femoral biceps and brain were removed for Toxoplasma gondii DNA quantification by qPCR and histopathological analysis. GIV and GV did not present premature death or clinical changes, and the hepatic enzyme levels were lower compared to GI. Toxoplasma gondii DNA was detected mainly in brain and muscle, but the parasite load was significantly lower in GV compared to GII brains (P < 0.05). Histopathological changes were observed in brains, with T. gondii cysts as well as an inflammatory condition, including necrosis areas in GII and GIII. These data confirm active infection with tissue injury. This inflammatory condition was attenuated in the groups treated with rosuvastatin, especially R40 (GV). Our findings demonstrated the in vivo action of rosuvastatin in reducing cerebral parasitic load and indicate that this drug may interfere in chronic toxoplasmosis.


Corresponding author

Author for correspondence: A. L. Falavigna-Guilherme, E-mail:


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Rosuvastatin reduced brain parasite burden in a chronic toxoplasmosis in vivo model and influenced the neuropathological pattern of ME-49 strain

  • L. Nishi (a1), P. L. Santana (a2), F. F. Evangelista (a1), L. F. Beletini (a1), A. H. Souza (a3), F. M. Mantelo (a3), A. M. Souza-Kaneshima (a2), I. N. Costa (a4) and A. L. Falavigna-Guilherme (a5)...


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