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The prevalence and clinical characteristics of tick-borne diseases at One Sentinel Hospital in Northeastern China

  • Hong-Bo Liu (a1), Ran Wei (a2), Xue-Bing Ni (a1), Yuan-Chun Zheng (a3), Qiu-Bo Huo (a3), Bao-Gui Jiang (a1), Lan Ma (a1), Rui-Ruo Jiang (a1), Jin Lv (a4), Yun-Xi Liu (a5), Fang Yang (a6), Yun-Huan Zhang (a6), Jia-Fu Jiang (a1), Na Jia (a1) and Wu-Chun Cao (a1)...


Northeastern China is a region of high tick abundance, multiple tick-borne pathogens and likely human infections. The spectrum of diseases caused by tick-borne pathogens has not been objectively evaluated in this region for clinical management and for comparison with other regions globally where tick-transmitted diseases are common. Based on clinical symptoms, PCR, indirect immunofluorescent assay and (or) blood smear, we identified and described tick-borne diseases from patients with recent tick bite seen at Mudanjiang Forestry Central Hospital. From May 2010 to September 2011, 42% (75/180) of patients were diagnosed with a specific tick-borne disease, including Lyme borreliosis, tick-borne encephalitis, human granulocytic anaplasmosis, human babesiosis and spotted fever group rickettsiosis. When we compared clinical and laboratory features to identify factors that might discriminate tick-transmitted infections from those lacking that evidence, we revealed that erythema migrans and neurological manifestations were statistically significantly differently presented between those with and without documented aetiologies (P < 0.001, P = 0.003). Twelve patients (6.7%, 12/180) were co-infected with two tick-borne pathogens. We demonstrated the poor ability of clinicians to identify the specific tick-borne disease. In addition, it is necessary to develop specific laboratory assays for optimal diagnosis of tick-borne diseases.


Corresponding author

Author for correspondence: Wu-Chun Cao, Na-Jia, and Jia-Fu Jiang, E-mail:;;


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The prevalence and clinical characteristics of tick-borne diseases at One Sentinel Hospital in Northeastern China

  • Hong-Bo Liu (a1), Ran Wei (a2), Xue-Bing Ni (a1), Yuan-Chun Zheng (a3), Qiu-Bo Huo (a3), Bao-Gui Jiang (a1), Lan Ma (a1), Rui-Ruo Jiang (a1), Jin Lv (a4), Yun-Xi Liu (a5), Fang Yang (a6), Yun-Huan Zhang (a6), Jia-Fu Jiang (a1), Na Jia (a1) and Wu-Chun Cao (a1)...


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