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Physiological and pharmacological properties of muscle cells isolated from the flatworm Bdelloura candida (Tricladia)

  • K. L. Blair (a1) and P. A. V. Anderson (a1) (a2)


A protocol for dissociating single muscle fibres from intact flatworms was developed. Muscle fragments of various sizes were obtained, many with their cell bodies, or myocytons, intact. Many of the fibres were spontaneously contractile, and they and others contracted in response to applications of transmitter candidates, activators of protein kinase C and the anthelmintic praziquantel. The responses were all similar to those evoked in strips of tissue. Voltage clamp recordings from the isolated muscle fibres revealed that they possess an inward Ca2+ current and 3 separate K+ currents. These results indicate that muscle fibres in Bdelloura bear receptors for neurotransmitters and that preparations of dispersed muscle fibres can be used for studying the basic physiological and pharmacological properties of platyhelminth muscle.



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Physiological and pharmacological properties of muscle cells isolated from the flatworm Bdelloura candida (Tricladia)

  • K. L. Blair (a1) and P. A. V. Anderson (a1) (a2)


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