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Immune response of guinea-pigs to chemically abbreviated prepatent Metastrongylus apri infection

  • V. Kumar (a1) and J. Mortelmans (a1)


The effect of chemical abbreviation of the primary infection dose (PID) of 160 infective larvae of Metastrongylus apri on the immune status of the guinea-pig host was studied. The criteria used for assessing the status of immunity consisted of clinical manifestations following administration of a challenge infection dose (CID) of 800 infective larvae of M. apri, the rate of worm recovery 15 days post-CID and the rate of mortality following administration of CID.

Among the guinea-pigs of the main experimental group, where 15-day-old PID was abbreviated by two parenteral doses of levamisole, a strong immunity to CID given 35 days post-PID was built-up. Against this, all the guinea-pigs of a control group, which did not receive PID, died between 16 and 22 days post-CID.

The increase in serum gamma-globulin level of the guinea-pigs, where the PID was abbreviated chemically, suggested that the rise of this globulin fraction in the serum could be in some way related to the resistant state of guinea-pigs.



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Immune response of guinea-pigs to chemically abbreviated prepatent Metastrongylus apri infection

  • V. Kumar (a1) and J. Mortelmans (a1)


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