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Post Metal Etch Treatment for Submicron Applications

  • Simon Gonzales (a1), Gordy Grivna (a1) and Anda McAfee (a1)


Corrosion control and passivation of post metal etch structures are critical for submicron applications and overall yield performance. This study focused on 0.6 micron metal line spaces and the development of a process utilizing an integrated metal etch, photoresist strip and passivation tool. Data collected to characterize the corrosion/passivation mechanism included: veil and photoresist strip chemistries, passivation steps, time delays, subsurface material versus veil formation and electrical and defectivity yield. A post metal etch process was tested and integrated into a manufacturing environment that has provided minimal line loss, complete removal of etch veils, robust corrosion control and substantial reduction of intermetal shorts.



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Post Metal Etch Treatment for Submicron Applications

  • Simon Gonzales (a1), Gordy Grivna (a1) and Anda McAfee (a1)


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