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High Quality Non-Alloyed Pt Ohmic Contacts to P-Type GaN Using Two-Step Surface Treatment

  • Ja-Soon Jang (a1), Seong-Ju Park (a1) and Tae-Yeon Seong (a2)


Two-step surface-treatment is introduced to obtain low resistance Pt contacts to ptype GaN. The first step is performed after the mesa etching process using buffered oxide etch (BOE) and ammonium sulfide [(NH4)2Sx]. This is followed by the second step using BOE. The Pt contact, which was treated sequentially using ultrasonically boiled BOE (10 min) and boiled (NH4)2Sx (10 min), produces a specific contact resistance of 3.0 (±3.8)×10-5 Ωcm2. However, the contact, that was simply BOE-treated, yields 3.1 (±1.1)×10-2 Ωcm2. This indicates that the two-step surface treatment is promising technique for obtaining high quality ohmic contacts to p-GaN. Investigation of the electronic transport mechanisms using current-voltage-temperature (I-V-T) data indicates that thermionic field emission is dominant in the surface-treated Pt contacts.



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