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Ebic Study of Fe Precipitation on Bulk Stacking Fault in Czochralski-Grown Silicon

  • B. Shen (a1), T. Sekiguchi (a2), P. Chen (a1), K. Yang (a1), Z. Z. Chen (a1), Y. D. Zheng (a1) and K. Sumino (a2)...


Fe precipitation on bulk stacking faults in Czochralski-grown silicon are investigated by means of the electron-beam-induced-current (EBIC) technique and other techniques. It is found that Fe impurities only precipitate on Frank partial dislocations bounding stacking faults when the specimen is cooled slowly; however, they precipitate on both Frank partials and fault planes when the specimen is cooled fast. It is explained that small oxygen precipitates on fault planes, together with Frank partials, serve as the gettering centers for Fe impurities in the fast cooled specimen.



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