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Flexible and stretchable sensors for fluidic elastomer actuated soft robots

  • Shuo Li (a1), Huichan Zhao (a2) and Robert F. Shepherd (a3)


Compliant robots, a class of so-called soft robots, made from elastomeric materials, require flexible or stretchable sensors for functional sophistication beyond that of open-loop controls and actuations. These robots have expanded the scope of research in robotics from fast, strong, and precise industrial manufacturing toward new needs of adaptation and safety—the realm of human–robot interactions (HRIs). HRIs include circumstances ranging from existing tasks such as vacuum cleaning to the far-reaching goal of direct contact with the heart for ventricular assist devices, and wearable robots as an intermediate task for force-augmenting exoskeletons. Toward these goals, many efforts are being made to impart sensation for feedback control via flexible or stretchable sensors that can be integrated with the soft bodies of these robots without hindering their motion or reducing their safety. This article briefly reviews the key techniques and tradeoffs for designing and fabricating these sensors. We describe the sensors that our research group uses for fluidically powered soft robots. We conclude with some perspectives about future directions of sensing integration for improved autonomy and interaction with humans in close proximity.



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