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  • ISSN: 1551-9295 (Print), 2150-3583 (Online)
  • Editor: Charles E. Lyman Department of Materials Science and Engineering |Lehigh University |Whitaker Laboratory |5 East Packer Avenue |Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 18015 |USA|
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Microscopy Today, the official magazine of the Microscopy Society of America (MSA), is produced six times a year alternating with the Microscopy and Microanalysis journal. Published since 1992, Microscopy Today is a technical magazine, which is editorially reviewed with a diverse Editorial Board. The magazine accepts a high general standard of material. In 2009 Microscopy Today appointed a leading academic, Charles Lyman (former Microscopy and Microanalysis Editor-in-Chief), as the Editor-in-Chief. Microscopy Today attracts authors from many disparate fields in both biological and materials sciences.
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