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New species of Pertusaria (lichenized Ascomycota: Pertusariaceae) from the Canary Islands

  • Israel PÉREZ-VARGAS (a1), Consuelo HERNANDEZ-PADRÓN (a1), Javier ETAYO (a2), Pedro L. PÉREZ de PAZ (a1) and John A. ELIX (a3)...


Pertusaria aceroae and Pertusaria calderae from the Canary Islands are described as new to science. A description of each species is given together with notes on their chemistry, distribution, ecology and taxonomy. Related lichen taxa are discussed.



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New species of Pertusaria (lichenized Ascomycota: Pertusariaceae) from the Canary Islands

  • Israel PÉREZ-VARGAS (a1), Consuelo HERNANDEZ-PADRÓN (a1), Javier ETAYO (a2), Pedro L. PÉREZ de PAZ (a1) and John A. ELIX (a3)...


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