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On analytic well-orderings

  • Hisao Tanaka (a1)


Since about 1955, recursive, (hyper-)arithmetic and well-orderings have been investigated by many authors. Now we shall generally consider analytic well-orderings and compare their representation-capacities for ordinals.

Let K be a class of predicates. Then, R is called a Kwell-ordering if R is a binary relation of natural numbers belonging to the class K and satisfies the following conditions:

(i) R(x, y) ∧ R(y, x) → x = y;

(ii) x, yD(R) → R(x, y) ∨ R(y, x), where D(R) is the domain of R, that is to say, the set {x ∣ (∃y)[R(x, y) ∨ R(y, x)]};

(iii) R(x, y) ∧ R(y, z) → R(x, z);

(iv) .



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On analytic well-orderings

  • Hisao Tanaka (a1)


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