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Post publication impact

Promoting your article

We encourage authors to actively promote their articles globally to their colleagues and fellow researchers. Cambridge University Press provides a suite of resources to help you engage with your readership, increase your visibility and make your article more discoverable online.

Tweet and Blog Post

Contributors of accepted articles will be asked for a "tweet" of no more than 140 characters and will also be invited to consider writing a blog post about their article. Contributors will also be invited to consider writing a blog post about their article. This should be between 300-1,000 words and might provide an engaging summary of the article to be published, or a broader engagement with current events or policy developments, for example. The particular content of the blog post is about exposing the authors work and the journal to as wide an audience as possible so it would be good to bear this in mind when preparing it. The content and style up of the blog will be left up to the author, however, it will be read by the Media Editor (although not externally refereed), and the authors should be willing to respond to any suggested changes and avoid simply repeating the abstract.

Sharing your article

Cambridge University Press supports responsible social sharing of published research. This journal participates in Cambridge Core Share, a tool that enables readers to easily generate links to online, read-only journal articles that can be freely shared on social media sites and scholarly collaboration networks.

Please also check the details of your publishing agreement and our Green Open Access policy for details of how you may share the full text of your article.

Impact of individual articles

Cambridge Core displays Altmetric Attention Scores to help authors and readers see how much attention an article is getting online. These are displayed alongside the article's title in the journal's table of contents. Please see our guide to Altmetric for more information.