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The Silurian encrinurine trilobite Pacificurus: new species from North America

  • Gregory D. Edgecombe (a1) and Lars Ramsköld (a2)


The first Laurentian records of Pacificurus Ramsköld, 1986 are provided by Pacificus chilorhodus n. sp. (latest Llandovery?–early Wenlock, Mackenzie Mountains, Canada) and Pacificurus sp. A (early Ludlow, northern Maine). These closely related species represent an early divergence (minimally late Llandovery) from Australian/Asian congenerics.



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The Silurian encrinurine trilobite Pacificurus: new species from North America

  • Gregory D. Edgecombe (a1) and Lars Ramsköld (a2)


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