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Permian Brachiopods from Khios Island, Greece

  • Richard E. Grant (a1)


Fourteen species of brachiopods were collected from two measured sections on Khios, and although the sections are only about 4 km apart, they contain but one genus in common. Both collections are from the zone of Neoschwagerina, but the collection from the hill called Seladha is probably somewhat younger than the collection from the region called Agrelias, because it is accompanied by the first appearance of the fusulinid Verbeekina. The brachiopods at Agrelias are: Kotlaia aethopa n. gen. and sp., Schuchertella tapina n. sp., Derbyia dirata n. sp., Meekella megala n. sp., Seseloidia phlebodes n. gen. and sp., Tschernyschewia sp. indet., Marginifera ganota n. sp., Entacanthadus chioticus n. gen. and sp., Horridonia sp. A., and Linoproductus cf. L. lineatus Waagen. The fauna at Seladha contains: Linoproductus cf. L. lineatus, Composita sp. indet., Squamularia sp. indet., Hustedia sp. indet., and Timorina sp. indet. Both faunas are dated as middle Permian, Kungurian, perhaps equivalent to the lower and upper parts of the Wordian of North America. The type species of Kotlaia is K. capillosa n. sp. from the Permian of the Salt Range, Pakistan, and a new genus of hercosiid (Sicularia) from the Permian of Sicily is introduced for nomenclatural reasons, with type species Richthofenia sicula Gemmellaro.



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Permian Brachiopods from Khios Island, Greece

  • Richard E. Grant (a1)


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