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Oldest representative of the family Palaeozygopleuridae (Gastropoda) with notes on its higher taxonomy

  • Jiří Frýda (a1)


The oldest representative of the family Palaeozygopleuridae (Loxonematoidea, Gastropoda), Palaeozygopleura chlupaci n. sp., from the Lower Devonian (Lochkovian, Monograptus uniformis Zone) of Bohemia is described. Also, its higher taxonomic position and the relationship of the families Loxonematidae and Palaeozygopleuridae are discussed. The diagnoses of both families give no unambiguous criteria for their distinction and their revision is necessary. The gradual disappearance of the deep, asymmetrical sinus in the apertural lip during the phylogeny of loxonematoidean gastropods could probably occur by two different modes and it could be produced by other changes in the mantle cavity rather than by progressive loss of the right-hand ctenidium. The family Palaeozygopleuridae is considered to be polyphyletic and, thus, is an artificial group.



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Oldest representative of the family Palaeozygopleuridae (Gastropoda) with notes on its higher taxonomy

  • Jiří Frýda (a1)


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