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New Permian representatives of ammonoid superfamilies Marathonitaceae and Cyclolobaceae

  • Brian F. Glenister (a1) and W. M. Furnish (a1)


Familial groupings of two upper Paleozoic superfamilies of Goniatitina, Marathonitaceae and Cyclolobaceae, are reviewed. It is concluded that the Marathonitidae gave rise to the Hyattoceratidae and together constitute the Marathonitaceae. Eohyattoceras n. gen. is the Lower Permian ancestral hyattoceratid, and is represented by two new species, the type, E. gerthi from the Roadian of Timor, and E. leei from the Sakmarian of Nevada. An advanced marathonitid from the Lower Permian (Roadian) of Timor is described as Cardiella martodjojoi n. sp.

Two lineages within the exclusively Permian family Cyclolobidae are recognized as the subfamilies Kufengoceratinae and Cyclolobinae. Type designations proposed herein fix usage of Demarezites Ruzhentsev (1955) as referring to ancestral Cyclolobinae, and D. oyensi (Gerth, 1950) and D. lidacensis (de Roever, 1940) are redescribed from the Lower Permian (Roadian) of Timor. The Cyclolobidae are derived from the Vidrioceratidae and together constitute the Cyclolobaceae.



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New Permian representatives of ammonoid superfamilies Marathonitaceae and Cyclolobaceae

  • Brian F. Glenister (a1) and W. M. Furnish (a1)


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