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First record of a nonpaleotropical intejocerid cephalopod from Darriwilian (Middle Ordovician) strata of central Spain

  • Björn Kröger (a1) and Juan Carlos Gutiérrez-Marco (a2)


The order Intejocerida is an enigmatic, short-lived cephalopod taxon known previously only from Early–Middle Ordovician beds of Siberia and the United States. Here we report a new genus, Cabaneroceras, and a new species, C. aznari, from Middle Ordovician strata of central Spain. This finding widens the paleogeographic range of the order toward high-paleolatitudinal areas of peri-Gondwana. A curved conch, characteristic for the new genus, was previously unknown from members of the Intejocerida.




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First record of a nonpaleotropical intejocerid cephalopod from Darriwilian (Middle Ordovician) strata of central Spain

  • Björn Kröger (a1) and Juan Carlos Gutiérrez-Marco (a2)


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