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Preparation, structural characterization, and luminescence properties of Eu3+-doped nanocrystalline ZrO2

  • A. Speghini (a1), M. Bettinelli (a1), P. Riello (a2), S. Bucella (a2) and A. Benedetti (a2)...


Eu3+-doped zirconia nanopowders were prepared by the sol-gel technique using two different methods, based on the hydrolysis of zirconium n-propoxide, producing tetragonal and monoclinic zirconia under different preparation conditions. A detailed microstructure characterization was performed through wide angle x-ray scattering, small angle x-ray scattering, trasmission electron microscopy, and nitrogen physisorption measurements. The possible influence of the zirconia crystalline phases and particle sizes on the luminescence properties of the lanthanide ion was investigated. A detailed analysis of the emission spectra of the samples suggested that the dopant Eu3+ ions replace the Zr4+ ions in the zirconia crystal lattice. Moreover, samples prepared by the two different methods were characterized by different decay times of the Eu3+ ion luminescence.


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Preparation, structural characterization, and luminescence properties of Eu3+-doped nanocrystalline ZrO2

  • A. Speghini (a1), M. Bettinelli (a1), P. Riello (a2), S. Bucella (a2) and A. Benedetti (a2)...


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