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Mechanical Stress, Grain-boundary Relaxation, and Oxidation of Sputtered CuNi(Mn) Films

  • W. Brückner (a1), W. Pitschke (a1), S. Baunack (a1) and J. Thomas (a1)


This paper focuses on understanding stress development in CuNi42Mn1 thin films during annealing in Ar. In addition to stress-temperature measurements, resistance-temperature investigations and chemical and microstructural characterization by Auger electron spectroscopy, scanning and transmission electron microscopy, x-ray diffraction, and atomic force microscopy were also carried out. The films are polycrystalline with a grain size of 20 nm up to 450 °C. To explain the stress evolution above 120 °C, atomic rearrangement (excess-vacancy annihilation, grain-boundary relaxation, and shrinkage of grain-boundary voids) and oxidation were considered. Grain-boundary relaxation was found to be the dominating process up to 250–300 °C. A sharp transition from compressive to tensile stress between 300 and 380 °C is explained by the formation of a NiO surface layer due to reaction with the remaining oxygen in the Ar atmosphere. This oxidation is masking the inherent structural relaxation above 300 °C.



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Mechanical Stress, Grain-boundary Relaxation, and Oxidation of Sputtered CuNi(Mn) Films

  • W. Brückner (a1), W. Pitschke (a1), S. Baunack (a1) and J. Thomas (a1)


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