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Ion irradiation induced phase formation in Al–Ni

  • K. Kyllesbech Larsen (a1), N. Karpe (a1), J. B⊘ttiger (a1) and R. Bormann (a2)


The phase formation of elemental multilayered thin Al100−xNix films during 500 keV Xe+ irradiation has been investigated using transmission electron microscopy. The whole composition range has been covered for various substrate temperatures during the irradiation. At low temperatures, only structurally simple crystalline and amorphous phases are observed. Thermodynamic data for these simple phases were calculated using the CALPHAD method, and nonequilibrium phase diagrams were derived and discussed in the context of the experimental findings.



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Ion irradiation induced phase formation in Al–Ni

  • K. Kyllesbech Larsen (a1), N. Karpe (a1), J. B⊘ttiger (a1) and R. Bormann (a2)


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