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Audit of transoral laser-assisted microsurgical resection of early laryngeal cancer

  • I Amir (a1) and G A Vernham (a1)



This study aimed to report our current practice of transoral laser microsurgery for early glottic cancer against the standards outlined by the ENT UK Head and Neck Group and assess the oncological outcome.


A retrospective review of case notes of patients diagnosed with early glottic cancer (tumour stages Tis, T1 and T2) who underwent transoral laser microsurgery as a primary curative treatment. The minimum follow-up period was two years.


Thirty-one patients had transoral laser microsurgery for early glottic cancer during the study period. Eighty-four per cent of cases were discussed by a multidisciplinary team prior to transoral laser microsurgery. Complete circumferential excision was achieved in 77 per cent of cases. Sixty-five per cent of specimens were subjected to histological analysis; they complied with standard pathology reporting for margins. Within 12 months of transoral laser microsurgery, there were 10 residual cases and 2 recurrences. Kaplan–Meier survival analysis gave disease-free survival rates of 96.8 per cent at 18 months and 93.5 per cent at 24 months. The laryngectomy-free survival rate was 96.8 per cent at two years.


The findings of this audit are encouraging and have highlighted areas for further discussions, recommendations, training and education.


Corresponding author

Address for correspondence: Ms I Amir, Department of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery, Lauriston Building, Lauriston Place, Edinburgh EH3 9HA, Scotland, UK Fax: +44 131 536 3153 E-mail:


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Audit of transoral laser-assisted microsurgical resection of early laryngeal cancer

  • I Amir (a1) and G A Vernham (a1)


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