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On the measurement of turbulent magnetic diffusivities: the three-dimensional case

  • F. Cattaneo (a1) and S. M. Tobias (a2)


It has been shown that it is possible to measure the turbulent diffusivity of a magnetic field by a method involving oscillatory sources. So far the method has only been tried in the special case of two-dimensional fields and flows. Here we extend the method to three dimensions and consider the case where the flow is thermally driven convection in a large-aspect-ratio domain. We demonstrate that if the diffusing field is horizontal the method is successful even if the underlying flow can sustain dynamo action. We show that the resulting turbulent diffusivity is comparable with, although not exactly the same as, that of a passive scalar. We were not able to measure unambiguously the diffusivity if the diffusing field is vertical, but argue that such a measurement is possible if enough resources are utilized on the problem.


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On the measurement of turbulent magnetic diffusivities: the three-dimensional case

  • F. Cattaneo (a1) and S. M. Tobias (a2)


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