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Flow instabilities in the wake of a circular cylinder with parallel dual splitter plates attached

  • Rui Wang (a1), Yan Bao (a1) (a2), Dai Zhou (a1) (a2) (a3) (a4), Hongbo Zhu (a1), Huan Ping (a1), Zhaolong Han (a1) (a2), Douglas Serson (a5) and Hui Xu (a6)...


In this paper, instabilities in the flow over a circular cylinder of diameter $D$ with dual splitter plates attached to its rear surface are numerically investigated using the spectral element method. The key parameters are the splitter plate length $L$ , the attachment angle $\unicode[STIX]{x1D6FC}$ and the Reynolds number $Re$ . The presence of the plates was found to significantly modify the flow topology, leading to substantial changes in both the primary and secondary instabilities. The results showed that the three instability modes present in the bare circular cylinder wake still exist in the wake of the present configurations and that, in general, the occurrences of modes A and B are delayed, while the onset of mode QP is earlier in the presence of the splitter plates. Furthermore, two new synchronous modes, referred to as mode A $^{\prime }$ and mode B $^{\prime }$ , are found to develop in the wake. Mode A $^{\prime }$ is similar to mode A but with a quite long critical wavelength. Mode B $^{\prime }$ shares the same spatio-temporal symmetries as mode B but has a distinct spatial structure. With the exception of the case of $L/D=0.25$ , mode A $^{\prime }$ persists for all configurations investigated here and always precedes the transition through mode A. The onset of mode B $^{\prime }$ occurs for $\unicode[STIX]{x1D6FC}>20^{\circ }$ with $L/D=1.0$ and for $L/D>0.5$ with $\unicode[STIX]{x1D6FC}=60^{\circ }$ . The characteristics of all the transition modes are analysed, and their similarities and differences are discussed in detail in comparison with the existing modes. In addition, the physical mechanism responsible for the instability mode B $^{\prime }$ is proposed. The weakly nonlinear feature of mode B $^{\prime }$ , as well as that of mode A $^{\prime }$ , is assessed by employing the Landau model. Finally, selected three-dimensional simulations are performed to confirm the existence of these two new modes and to investigate the nonlinear evolution of the three-dimensional modes.


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Flow instabilities in the wake of a circular cylinder with parallel dual splitter plates attached

  • Rui Wang (a1), Yan Bao (a1) (a2), Dai Zhou (a1) (a2) (a3) (a4), Hongbo Zhu (a1), Huan Ping (a1), Zhaolong Han (a1) (a2), Douglas Serson (a5) and Hui Xu (a6)...


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