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Timing Control Efforts to Limit Seed Set of Common Mullein (Verbascum thapsus)

  • Hannah D. Wilbur (a1) and Ruth A. Hufbauer (a1)


Control options for the nonnative common mullein are of increasing interest to land managers in the west. Common mullein is a prolific seed producer, with a single plant able to produce well over 100,000 seeds. We found that mechanical control of common mullein before mature seed capsules developed along the raceme significantly reduced viable seed production. Seeds from immature capsules had very low viability (early reproductive stage = 0.08%, 95% CI = 0.06%, 0.67%; mid reproductive stage = 1.52%, 95% CI = 0.49%, 3.11%). This information allows managers to time their management efforts so that they can reduce the amount of plant material that must be disposed of in order to control the spread of common mullein seeds.


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Timing Control Efforts to Limit Seed Set of Common Mullein (Verbascum thapsus)

  • Hannah D. Wilbur (a1) and Ruth A. Hufbauer (a1)


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