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Variation effect of plane-wave incidence on multiconductor transmission lines

  • Youssef Mejdoub (a1), Hicham Rouijaa (a2) and Abdelilah Ghammaz (a1)


This paper addresses the study of the variation effects of incident plane wave on a multiconductor transmission line (MTL), using a coupling circuit model of MTL line with plane wave based on the method of characteristics (Branin method). This model is valid in the time and frequency domains. It has also an advantage of not presupposing the conditions of the charges applied to its ends, which allows it to be easily inserted in circuit simulators, such as SPICE, SABER, and ESACAP. We confirm the validity of this model by comparing our simulation results under ESACAP with other results, and we discuss the variation effects of the incident plane wave on an MTL line.


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Variation effect of plane-wave incidence on multiconductor transmission lines

  • Youssef Mejdoub (a1), Hicham Rouijaa (a2) and Abdelilah Ghammaz (a1)


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