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RF-MEMS switches with AlN dielectric and their applications

  • Montserrat Fernández-Bolaños Badía (a1), Pierre Nicole (a2) and Adrian Mihai Ionescu (a1)


This paper reports on the potential of RF-MEMS technology based on aluminum nitride capacitive dielectric and nickel-suspended membranes to provide RF circuit functions in reconfigurable front-end radios. The RF performance of capacitive switches, distributed MEMS transmission lines (DMTLs) phase shifters for beam steering and tunable filters, including center frequency and bandwidth tuning of bandpass and band-stop filters are presented. Detailed characterization based on S-parameter data demonstrates very promising figures of merit of all fabricated demonstrators from 5 to 40 GHz.


Corresponding author

Corresponding author: M. Fernández-Bolaños Badía Email:


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RF-MEMS switches with AlN dielectric and their applications

  • Montserrat Fernández-Bolaños Badía (a1), Pierre Nicole (a2) and Adrian Mihai Ionescu (a1)


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