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A novel design of Scarecrow-shaped patch antenna for broadband applications

  • Bhupendra Kumar Shukla (a1), Nitesh Kashyap (a1) and Rajendra Kumar Baghel (a1)


A novel Scarecrow-shaped patch antenna has been presented for broadband applications. The proposed antenna composed of an elliptical shape radiating patch, partial ground plane, and 50 Ω microstrip line which is Boolean added with the radiating patch. To achieve wide impedance bandwidth, an elliptical notch and two rectangular-shaped parasitic slots have incorporated on the ground plane. This antenna has printed on FR-4 substrate (tan(δ) = 0.02, εr = 4.3) with the thickness of 1.6 mm. It is energized by coaxial feed which is connected with a microstrip line through via. The proposed configuration has examined numerically with the help of CST Microwave Studio and experimentally also. The broadband property of this antenna has been achieved by adjusting the dimensions of an elliptical notch. The antenna exhibits the bandwidth of 116.32% from 1.23 to 4.65 GHz for S11 <−10 dB. Current distribution and far-field pattern at resonating frequencies 1.29, 1.77, 2.28, 2.94, and 3.72 GHz have been studied. It has been found that the far-field pattern is distorted at frequency 3.72 GHz due to higher order modes. Effect of parameters on frequency response of the antenna has also been investigated to know the behavior of the antenna.


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A novel design of Scarecrow-shaped patch antenna for broadband applications

  • Bhupendra Kumar Shukla (a1), Nitesh Kashyap (a1) and Rajendra Kumar Baghel (a1)


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