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A metamaterial absorber based high gain directional dipole antenna

  • Sarin Valiyaveettil Pushpakaran (a1), Jayakrishnan M. Purushothama (a2), Manoj Mani (a2), Aanandan Chandroth (a2), Mohanan Pezholil (a2) and Vasudevan Kesavath (a2)...


A novel idea for generating directional electromagnetic beam using a metamaterial absorber for enhancing radiation from a microwave antenna in the S-band is presented herewith. The metamaterial structure constitutes the well-known stacked dogbone doublet working in the absorption mode. The reflection property of the dogbone metamaterial absorber, for the non-propagating reactive near-field, is utilized for achieving highly enhanced and directional radiation characteristics. The metamaterial absorber converts the high-spatial reactive spectrum in the near-field into propagating low-spatial spectrum resulting in enhanced radiation efficiency and gain. The gain of a printed standard half-wave dipole is enhanced to 10 dBi from 2.3 dBi with highly directional radiation characteristics at resonance.


Corresponding author

Author for correspondence: Sarin Valiyaveettil Pushpakaran, E-mail:


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