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Low-cost eWLB packaging for automotive radar MMICs in the 76–81 GHz range

  • J. Böck (a1), M. Wojnowski (a1), C. Wagner (a2), H. Knapp (a1), W. Hartner (a3), M. Treml (a2), F. J. Schmückle (a4), S. Sinha (a4) and R. Lachner (a1)...


Embedded wafer-level ball grid array (eWLB) is investigated as a low-cost plastic package for automotive radar applications in the 76–81 GHz range. Low transmission losses from chip to package and board are achieved by appropriate circuit and package design. Special measures are taken to effectively remove the heat from the package and to optimize the package process to achieve automotive quality targets. A 77 GHz radar chip set in eWLB package is developed, which can be applied on the system board using standard solder reflow assembly. These radar MMICs provide excellent radio frequency (RF) performance for the next generation automotive radar sensors. The potential for even higher system integration is shown by a radar transceiver with antennas integrated in the eWLB package. These results demonstrate that eWLB technology is an attractive candidate to realize low-cost radar systems and to enable radar safety affordable for everyone in the near future.


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