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Evaluation of coaxial cable performance under thermal gradients

  • Sergio Colangeli (a1), Riccardo Cleriti (a1), Walter Ciccognani (a1) and Ernesto Limiti (a1)


This paper presents a very flexible tool for numerically evaluating the small-signal and noise parameters of a transmission line subject to an arbitrary thermal gradient. Contrary to previous methods, the proposed approach allows straightforwardly taking into account possible variations of electrical parameters along the propagation direction, such as may be expected when temperature ranges between very different values. The main application of the proposed method is cable modeling in noise-figure measurement setups under cryogenic operation: in such circumstances, indeed, the coaxial cables (or waveguide) at the interface between the outside and the inside of the cryogenic chamber are subject to remarkable temperature excursions. As a consequence, significant de-embedding errors may arise if the cables are not correctly modeled, given the very low values of noise figure which are commonly exhibited by cryo-cooled active devices.


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Evaluation of coaxial cable performance under thermal gradients

  • Sergio Colangeli (a1), Riccardo Cleriti (a1), Walter Ciccognani (a1) and Ernesto Limiti (a1)


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