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Design of reconfigurable filtering ultra-wideband antenna with switchable band-notched functions

  • Hailong Yang (a1), Xiaoli Xi (a1) (a2), Lili Wang (a1), Yuchen Zhao (a1), Xiaomin Shi (a3) and Yanning Yuan (a1)...


A compact reconfigurable filtering ultra-wideband (UWB) antenna with switchable band-notched functions is proposed. The basic structure of the proposed design is a filtering slot antenna with good band-edge selectivity using stepped impedance resonator feeding line. The reconfigurability is achieved by using two microstrip lines paralleling to the feeding line and two PIN diodes. The reconfigurable structure and bias circuit of the antenna are relatively simple and are not connected to the radiation structure, so they have little negative influence on the radiation characteristics of the antenna. Total four states could be achieved by using two PIN diodes to short the microstrip lines and ground. To verify the performance of the final design, multiple measured and simulated results in frequency and time domain are studied and analyzed. The measured results agreed very well with simulation. Compared with the traditional UWB antenna, the proposed antenna has advantages in size, filtering function in-band and out-of-band, and tunable states for multiple UWB applications.


Corresponding author

Author for correspondence: Xiaoli Xi, E-mail:


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Design of reconfigurable filtering ultra-wideband antenna with switchable band-notched functions

  • Hailong Yang (a1), Xiaoli Xi (a1) (a2), Lili Wang (a1), Yuchen Zhao (a1), Xiaomin Shi (a3) and Yanning Yuan (a1)...


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