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Design of 2N-diode power-combined frequency tripler with coupled suspended striplines

  • Yinjie Cui (a1), Jian Guo (a1), Jie Xu (a1), Hao Chi Zhang (a1), Xiao-Wei Zhu (a1) and Cheng Qian (a1)...


A novel scheme for power-combined frequency tripler adopting 2N diodes is proposed in this work. Even mode coupled suspended substrate stripline is used to divide and recombine the input and output power. The circuits of the tripler are printed on both sides of the substrate, with N diodes on the front side and the other N diodes on the back side. The front diodes and back diodes are in anti-parallel connection, and DC biased separately to increase the bandwidth and power capacity. Three Q-band prototypes with two, four, and six diodes are fabricated and tested. The output compression powers at output frequency of 43.5 GHz for two/four/six-diode tripler are 9.2, 11, and 12 dBm, respectively. Power capacity is improved with the proposed tripler. Optimum DC bias is also discussed in this work, and it is found that it first increases with drive power, and then drops when large drive power applied because of the increased series resistance of the diode due to high junction temperature.


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Design of 2N-diode power-combined frequency tripler with coupled suspended striplines

  • Yinjie Cui (a1), Jian Guo (a1), Jie Xu (a1), Hao Chi Zhang (a1), Xiao-Wei Zhu (a1) and Cheng Qian (a1)...


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