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Compact tri-band bandpass filter using asymmetric stub-loaded stepped-impedance resonator with multiple transmission zeros

  • Hai-Wen Liu (a1), Fan Liu (a1), Bao-Ping Ren (a1), Ai-Ping Yao (a1), Xiang Xiao (a1), Yun-Xiu Yang (a1) and Xue-Hui Guan (a1)...


In this paper, a tri-band bandpass filter (BPF) using asymmetric stub-loaded stepped-impedance resonator (SL-SIR) is presented. The asymmetric characteristic of SL-SIR broadens degrees of freedom for three controllable modes design. Also, the coupling coefficients (Mij) and the external quality factors (Qei) at each passband of the filter can be independently adjusted by the proposed mixed-type feedline structure. Besides, multi-transmission zeros are produced to improve the isolation and selectivity of the passbands. Finally, a tri-band BPF is operated at 1.9 GHz (time division long term evolution – TD-LTE band), 3.2 GHz (worldwide interoperability for microwave access – WiMAX band), and 5.8 GHz (wireless local area networks – WLAN band) and their insertion loss are 1.03, 0.94, and 1.27 dB, respectively. The measured results of the fabricated tri-band BPF exhibit good agreement with simulated results.


Corresponding author

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