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Results of a smoking cessation program in primary care



Smoking is an addictive and chronic disease. Twenty-four percent of the Spanish population in 2012 smoked daily.

Aims and objectives

To evaluate a smoking cessation program in a Primary Care Center.


Observational, prospective study. We describe an individualized smoking cessation in Plaza del Ejército Health Center (Valladolid). Inclusion criteria: active smoker, ≥ 18 years old and belonging to the Health Center. Exclusion: severe mental illness. Included patients from November 2013 until January2014. Ended in July 2014. Four Medical residents participated, we present the results of one of them. During the first consultation motivational interviewing was conducted, physical examination and treatment was prescribed (cognitive behavioral therapy or drug treatment: varenicline). In subsequent consultations interview and follow-up. Variables: age, gender, pack-years, nicotine dependence (Fagerstrom) and Prochaska and DiClemente phase, weight, treatment used, dropout rate and final withdrawal of snuff.


Eleven patients, mean age 48.18 (13.61), 7 (63.6) women. Comorbidity: 6 (54.5) anxious-depressive pathology, 1 (9.1) dysthymia, 2 (18.2) endocrine pathology and 1 (9.1) respiratory disease. Four (36.4) showed high dependency and 2 (18.2) extreme. Media packages 20.50/year (19,20). Seven (63.6) were in action phase of Prochaska and DiClemente and 2 (18.2) in preparation. Visits range: 1-11. The average was 4.55 (3.64). Three (27.27) patients attended only the first visit. Four (36.4) achieved complete abstinence, 3 (27.27) met maintenance phase. One (9.1) reduced consumption in half. Patients gained average 0.5 kg (2.47).


The results are similar to those reported in other series. Modest dropout rate. No pharmacological treatment was used due to high coexistence of comorbidities, the only patient who used varenicline suffered insomnia. Average age and media packages were superior to other series.

Disclosure of interest

The authors have not supplied their declaration of competing interest.


Corresponding author

* Corresponding author.

Results of a smoking cessation program in primary care


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Results of a smoking cessation program in primary care

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