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Revision of the fossil ricinuleids

  • Paul A. Seiden (a1)


The fossil ricinuleids are described, and their systematic relationships revised, based on a study of all British and American specimens. Phylogenetic analysis, utilising a new character set, indicates a probable basal dichotomy between the fossil and extant forms. The order is divided into two new suborders: Neoricinulei subordo, nov., for the extant genera, and Palaeoricinulei subordo. nov., for the fossil forms. Two new genera are erected: Amarixys gen. nov. for Curculioides gracilis (Petrunkevitch, 1945) and A. stellaris sp. nov., and Terpsicroton gen. nov. for Poliochera alticeps Pocock, 1911. Three new species are erected in the genus Curculioides: C. mcluckiei sp. nov., C. pococki sp. nov., and C. gigas sp. nov., and one in the genus Poliochera: P. gibbsi, sp. nov.



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Revision of the fossil ricinuleids

  • Paul A. Seiden (a1)


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