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Performance of an intermediate soil cover for landfill sites

  • Yunmin ZENG (a1) (a2), Li'ao WANG (a1) (a2), Tengtun XU (a1), Xue SONG (a1) and Yanze YANG (a1)...


This study aimed to improve the performance of an intermediate covering of soils in landfill sites by using agents such as calcined lime, sawdust and polyacrylamide (PAM). Compressive strength, permeability and water-holding capacity of modified soils were measured, and the effects of regulating pH and pollutant removal in leachate were also investigated in a leaching experiment. The results indicate that three modifying agents could improve the compressive strength of an intermediate soil cover. The permeability of lime-treated soil increased as the amount of lime increased, while that of sawdust- and PAM-modified soil declined. Results from a leaching experiment show that lime- and sawdust-modified soils could improve leachate quality. The pH value of leachate from 5% lime-modified soils was 7.78, which is suitable for the metabolism of anaerobic microorganisms. The removal efficiencies of chemical oxygen demand, total organic carbon, total nitrogen and volatile fatty acids in leachate permeating lime- and sawdust-modified intermediate cover was improved so that the pollution load of leachate was reduced. The water-holding capacities for 20% sawdust and 0.5% PAM-modified soils were 65.19% and 43.52%, respectively, which helps to maintain the optimum water content of landfill. The water-holding capacity of PAM-modified samples declined in alkaline soil. It is concluded that the combination of 5% sawdust, 5% lime and 90% soil would be optimal for an intermediate covering layer.


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